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Everything started with the idea to be able to send an ecard to someone in the Third World. This would be done in combination with a donation to that person.
For the time being we only work though with the possibility of sending an ecard to family or friends and support charities.The idea is that the money, spent on a postcard in the shop, is now spent on charities. The new possibilities of internet make this possible.
The Contacts section, called 'Worldcontact', was added later.
There are many contact or dating websites, but Foundation Effort for Charities is the first to realize 'Contacts for Charities'.
'Worldcontact' has many advantages:
-Contribution for charities, not for personal profit!
-No fake members.
-No lies.
-Simple set-up with easy search options ('relationship, friendship and travel companion').


The objective of 'Foundation Effort for Charities' is defined as follows: "to do an effort for charities in the broadest sense, with as main activity the acquisition of funds". The website is now fully focused on the Third World. There is though the intention to support also charities in the North. That can be organisations working for the health of people as well as organisations that work for ecology, nature maintenance or animal care. The foundation can also be active outside the internet.

The foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Enschede, the Netherlands, by number 08123183.

One can get informed at the Chamber of Commerce.

This year the webhosting by the Dutch 'Mijndomein.nl' is for free! The costs are very low because everything is done voluntarilly and all the activities are on internet and presently the costs are zero! Because of this, the whole of the donations goes to the charities.

Annual reports with a list of income and expenditures will be published on the website.

The foundation supports predominantly existing organisations and projects, but can also start projects itself.


Initiator of the 'Foundation Effort for Charities' is Hans van de Sande. He has a Master degree in Spanish Language and Culture with specialisation Latin America. Subjects he specialises in, are:

  • Language and Culture of Spain and Latin America

  • Development issues

  • Debt problematics of the Third World

  • Seven languages, besides Dutch, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

He is born in Tanzania (East Africa) in Mwanza, the second city of the country. It is situated under Lake Victoria.

Visited Projects

As the initiator of Foundation Effort for Charities I visited many projects. This has given me a good picture of how these projects look like. I was in a project for drug adicts in Rio de Janeiro. Young men had the chance to kick off and were accompagnied to a normal life. The project was started by missionaries. This was before I began with Foundation Effort for Charities. Later I visited several projects in Kenia and Tanzania. Among these were the projects mentioned under the head 'Projects': Nyabondo Rehabilitation Centre, the Sigoti Girls Complex Centre Project and a radio station in Tanzania. This radio station was an incredible impoverished whole: an old chair and table and some 'antique' devices was all... During a next journey to India and Nepal I visited a centre for widows in Benares, a school for blind girls, a normal school, an animal rescue centre and an orphanage. Further on I came in a dog rescue centre in Kathmandu (Nepal), an orphanage in Pokhara (Nepal), a small hospital in the Himalaya as also in a little school there.
A next journey was to south Mexico and Guatemala where I visited a food distribution centre, a housing project and a project for the revitalisation of the Mexican culture.
Everywhere the impression was more or less the same: an enormous poverty where, with a lot of improvisation, as much as possible was done with the few means that were there. To come in these countries means always more or less a shock.
Not all the visited projects are on the website because they can't be supported all by Dutch foundations. Still, a visit was worthwhile as it gave me a good impression.


The philosophy of the 'Foundation Effort for Charities' can be summarized in the following lines:

  • There is only one world.

  • Everyone has got the right to happiness.

  • Someone else's happiness is also a bit one's own happiness.

  • Balance means peace and harmony, at a small scale and at a large scale...

Internet is developped among others by Tim Berners-Lee. He worked from the ideal of unity. Internet can, if used well, realize a positive unity.

A short philosophy on North and South is also appropriate:

My thought is that people in the North interprete reality in a different way than in the South. In the North we tend to interprete reality towards the material, we 'quantify'. In the South, they interprete reality more towards the spiritual and the social, they 'qualify'. These are the accents we have put in our respective cultures through time. This can create a 'confusion of tongues' and in my opinion, this is the cause (or one of the causes) of our mutual misunderstanding.

The foundation works for more material means in the Third World. For what the Third World is concerned, we have to see their value: they have something to offer us in the spiritual and social field. It is an exchange: when we are more relaxed after a journey, we have taken something with us, besides the beautiful souvenir that lies besides us on the seat...

As such we could also speak of a necessity of development here in the North. Sending an ecard for charities, or finding a Worldcontact, shows one's involvement. Involvement in the Third World, but also in the person we send the ecard and/or contact. We link our personal contact to something bigger and bring about a positive feeling of the world. With an ecard or contact you contribute! Thanks!


The base of the foundation is, in the first place, to offer services and products on internet.

  • Do you know a good project,

  • Do you want to help the foundation, in whatever way,

  • Are you artist or photographer and do you want to put your art at disposal of the foundation as ecard,