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To give an impression of how people live in the Third World, here some personal stories:

Personal story of Mr. James Onuongo Anyango, Kenia

James was born in 1931. His father was called Anyango Kata and his mother Onyango Nya Ojode. He lived in Katara Village in Kamolo of Ramogi, sublocation Sigoti, Nyando District, Kenia. His brother is Kola Anyango. They live near Katara secondary school. He was married in 1976. His wife was called Mary Akinyi from Gem Akale. He has four children, two boys and two girls. When he became handicapped because of an accident at work in 1980, the women left him and went away with the four children. He became remarried by a Koguta man in Kitale. In 1995 she died and left the children orphaned. They then went to Gem, the home of the wife. The matter of the former wives was sent to court by his relatives. The court gave him his children back, but at the moment he doesn't know where the children are because his movement is restricted. He is disabled and can't do any work. He has no house to live in, no food to eat and even getting clothes to put on is difficult. He lives on charity and any assistance given to him by the wellwishers and people of good will.

Personal story of Mr. Patrick Onuor from Sondu, Kenia

Patrick Onuor was born in 1945 in a clan called Kamgan Nyabondo Mission. He was in a family of both mother and father. His father was Faletin Ahadro. He was a mason. Patrick Onuor started schooling at Nyabondo Mission Primary School until he completed standard eight. He became a teacher still untrained and taught in two primary schools, e.g. Nyangoma and Onjiko. Besides he joined a private sector, the Motor Mart group and he worked as a clerk for five years. His wife died ten years ago and he was left with three orphans, sons. He is a little farmer now, planting maize and beans. The names of his sons are Phlip Ochieng, Fredrick Omondo and George Saitoti.

Addition by Hans v.d. Sande: We visited Patrick Onuor. He is a respectable old man, living in the countryside in a beautiful, simple cottage with a huge view on a valley. Birds of all colours fly around. The scent of flowers and eucalyptus trees are to be smelled everywhere. His family lives around him in similar cottages, with the same view. They keep cattle and have chickens. We were invited to one of them. He shows his place and we drink tea with milk and ginger and eat white rice, together from one plate. He had been in Holland. At my question what country he prefers, he still says 'Kenia'.

Personal story of Edwin Oluoch, Kenia

A short observation: I met Edwin at the Nyabondo Rehabilitation Centre which is situated near the city of Kisumu in Kenia. He is responsible for the computer section and teaches computer skills.

His personal story:"My name is Edwin Oluoch. I am a Kenian citizen and phisically handicapped. I am always happy to meet people from different countries because I learn and appreciate cultural diversity. I finished my studies in the university last year. My mayor concentration was Business Administration and a minor in information and technology.

I have not yet gotten a job where I can earn my living. Right now I am working at the Nyabondo Rehabilitation Centre for the disabled, helping the disabled children in the library as well as teaching computer courses to students. I find it better to get more experience to stay at the centre instead of staying at home doing nothing. The sister in charge of the Nyabondo Rehabilitation Centre is very supportive. She is willing to give me all field exposure for my own benefit. Since it is very difficult to be employed, I would like to start my own business. The business opportunity I have identified so far is IT. I can offer printing services, teach computer lesson and if possible in the near future offer other services such as scanning, photocopying and internet.

I am very happy to meet a new friend whose name is Hans v.d. Sande, the initiator of the "Foundation Effort for Charities". I'm happy also to meet other friends like Sabina, Inca and other company."

Personal Story of Mr. Ramdas from Jabalpur, India

Ramdas is an old man of 67 years of age. He used to stich clothes for his earnings. Seven years back he got sick for a period of 4 months and all his savings had to be invested in his treatment and since he was sick and unable to work he could not earn money and was thrown out of the house by a family member and now he lves in "Bradashram", an old people's home.

Personal story of Mrs. Chapahai from Jabalpur, India

Mrs. Champahai is a widow of 69 years and the mother of two duaghters and a son. Both of her daughters and her son are married. She used to live with her son, who drank heavily and used to beat her. Finally, one day, her right hand was broken by her son, so she decided to go out of the house and went to the same "Bradashram" (old people's home).

Mrs. Rambai from Jabalpur, India

Mrs. Rambai is an old lady of 72 years. She lost her husband 25 years back. She had no children and no house and is a chronic patient of arthritis. So, she can not work and earn money and was begging in the street. She was feeding her stomach with the effort of the red cross society who took her to Bradashram and she lives there now for four years.